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27 November 2009

Asian BP Championships results

MMU A  have won the 2009 Asian BP (worlds style) championships.

Grand Final:

OG - ATENEO B (Gotamco & De Castro)
OO - IIU B (Tasneem & Danial)
CG - MMU A (Ips & Groobie)
CO - ATENEO A (Tagle & Parmanand)

Cecile Danica C. Gotamco (Ateneo B) was the top speaker on the tab.

Ateneo A topped the team tab
Rd1: This house would ban children working as models.
Rd2: This house believes the US should withdraw military aid from Israel until the settlements in the West Bank are removed.
Rd3: This house would allow teachers to have sexual relationships with students over the age of consent as long as the relationship is declared.
Rd4: This house would punish poachers and traders of endangered species in the same way as murderers.
Rd5: This house believes individuals in developing nations who receive government funding for tertiary education should be prohibited from emigrating.
Rd6: This house believes that religions should not be allowed to discriminate on grounds of sexuality or gender when offering employment.
Octo: This house believes the Pakistani government should assassinate Taliban leaders in the north west frontier province.
Qtr: This house believes foreign companies should be denied access to developing nations natural resources.
Semi: This house believes parents should not be allowed to create designer babies to save the life of an earlier child.
Final: This house would not allow family members of politicians from participating in politics.


  1. Anonymous3:45 am

    IIU B (Tasneem and Danial). must have been a typo.

  2. Thanks. I have fixed that.


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