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23 June 2009

US NFL Nationals results

The National Forensics League of the US were on last week.  This format has multiple different sorts of competition in forms of debating and public speaking so the list of winners is longer than normal.

Policy Debate – Sean Hernandez & Reid Ehrlich-Quinn, Damien HS (CA)

Lincoln Douglas Debate – Shivani Vohra, Hockaday (TX)
Public Forum Debate - Robert Kindman & Josh Zoffer, Durham Academy (NC)
Domestic Extemp – Evan Larson, Bellarmine (CA)
Foreign Extemp – Stacey Chen, North Allegheny (PA)
Original Oratory – John Hoffmeister, Apple Valley (MN)
Dramatic Interpretation – Jane Bruce, Ogden (UT)
Duo Interpretation - Ismael Williams and Drake Pough, James Logan (CA)
Humorous Interpretation – Lindsey White, Eastview (MN)
Storytelling – Francis Blaise, New Trier (IL)
Impromptu – Jessica Petrie, Bellevue West (IL)
Prose – Vanessa Garcia, Fullerton Union (CA)
Poetry - Andrew Laroca, Riverdale HS (LA)
Expository – Evan Hernandez, Wichita East (KS)
Commentary – Anuv Ratan, Claremont (CA)
Senate – Robert Colonol, Winter Springs (FL)
Congress – Howard Downs Temple, Stuyvesant (NY)

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