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23 June 2009

Herzliya win Israeli National Debating Championship

The Israeli National Debating Championship, hosted by IDC Herzliya, took place on June 17-18, and consisted of 6 preliminary rounds, semi-finals and a grand-final.

The finalists were (in breaking order):
Tel Aviv A (Danny Zeevi and Yoni Cohen-Idov)
IDC Herzliya B (Carmel Sahaf and Daphna Gross)
IDC Herzliya C (Jonathan Braverman and Maya Boursi)
Haifa A (Leor Sapir and Shiri Newman)

Winners: IDC Herzliya C (Jonathan Braverman and Maya Boursi).

Best Speaker: Yoni Cohen-Idov (Tel Aviv A)

Round 1: THW obligate internet commenters to reveal their true identities.
Round 2: THBT the west should intervene in the Iranian election.
Round 3: THW set a congestion toll on private vehicles entering city centers.
Round 4: THW ban leaders who lost their bid for reelection from running for office again.
Round 5: THBT the gay parade is detrimental to the gay community.
Round 6: THW privatize the military checkpoints in Gaza and the West Bank.
Semi-Finals: THW ban the use of evidence which had been illegally obtained
Finals: THW ban the commemoration of the “Day of Al Nakba”.

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