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9 December 2008

EWU AUDC 2009 Website Launched

From AUDC list

Dear Asian Debating Community,
East West University, Bangladesh would like to announce the launch of the official website for EWU 5th Asian Universities Debating Championship-AUDC 2009 with all its existing news and plans for Asia’s largest and most prestigious debating tournament. Please visit this website at in word www [dot] ewuaudc2009 [dot] com. The website is best viewed from Opera or from Mozilla browser.

The website team for AUDC 2009 is now working with the final closure of the website. Please visit the website along with the official facebook group for AUDC 2009 which has already 1331 members. All updates will be put in these two places along with the regional debating groups.

The Value:
Asian Universities Debating Championship – AUDC proposes the most talented adjudication, tab system and top Asian Debating Teams from Asia, its not just a tournament rather an exclusive debating championship for the best Adjudicators and Debaters from Asian Countries. Through the last four years, this tournament now has become the united colors of the Asian Debating Community.

The Plan:
The EWU AUDC 2009 orgcom has plans to give you the best AUDC experiences, with top quality Adjudication Core, Rocking Socials, and a Taste of South Asian Debating. Teams from Middle East and South Asia will add the extra flavors to AUDC for the first time.

The Top Asian Debating Teams:
WUDC and Australs top ranked teams from Asia participated at AUDC from 2005 when it was hosted by NTU for the first time. AUDC then went to AdMU in 2006, ITB Indonesia in 2007, and IIUM in 2008. 2/3 of All Top ranked WUDC Asian Teams participated in AUDC and they have considered this as the Prime Asian Debating Championship. AdMU, DSLU, UP Manila, NTU, IIUM, Assumption, SMU, NUS, Mahidol, ITB, EWU, IUB, IMU, and ICU Japan with the rest, are among the participating institutions who have participated regularly for the fair adjudication and tab policies of AUDC. The Registration:

We have developed an automated information generated register system for AUDC 2009 registration. Debaters, Adjudicators and Observers can easily register, add and edit their individual account detail. The immigration and invitation latter will be generated individually from our sate of the art online database system.

Please register your team and adjudicator from December 15, 2008

More on Registration Policy:

The Adjudication Core:
CA- Rashedul Hasan Stalin (Bangladesh)Institution: East West University- EWUDCA and Grand Final Adjudicator at AUDC 2008CA South East Asians 2007CA Bangladesh Open 2007Chair 8 Rounds at WUDC 2007-2008CA IUT Bangladesh Nationals 2005Champion at Bangladesh Nationals 03 and 04

DCA- Sharmila A. Parmanand (Philippine)Institution: Ateneo de Manila University- AdMU Consecutive Three Times Champion of AUDC 05 to 07Chief Adjudicator 9th Philippine National Debate 2007Semi-Finalist Debater of WUPID 2007Octo-finalist (18th breaking team), WUDC 2006Semi-finalist of Austral-Asian 2006Finalist of Austral-Asians 2005

DCA- Vikram Balasubramanian (Singapore) Institution: Nanyang Technological University-NTUSemifinal Adjudicator at AUDC 2008 Top Ten Debaters at AUDC 2007Quarterfinalist Debater at AUDC 2006 and 2007Quarterfinal Adjudicator at AUDC 2005 EFL Grand Final Adjudicator at AUDC 2005 Semi Final Adjudicator of All Asian 2004

DCA- Fareez Bin Zahir (Malaysia)Institution: International Islamic University-IIUM Semifinalist Debater at AUDC 2007Semifinalist Adjudicator Australs 2007Champion Environmental Debating Championship 05Octo-Finalist Debater at Austral-Asian 2004Octo-Finalist Debater at All-Asians 2004Champion Royal Malaysian Debating Championship 2004

DCA- Luang P (Thailand)Institution: Mahidol University of Thailand Octo-Finalist Debater at AUDC 2008 DCA Thailand Environment Nationals 2008DCA Chula US Nationals 2007Champion & Best Speaker 2008 Thailand E.U. NationalsChampion & Best Speaker 2007 Thailand Environment Nationals Champion Thailand B.P. Nationals 2006

Tab Director: Muhammad Abdul Latif (Malaysia) Institution: International Islamic University Malaysia -IIUMCA AUDC 2008DCA of Australs 2005DCA of All-Asians 2003Breaking Adjudicator at Worlds 07, 05, 02, and in 00 Adjudicated at Semi Finals of Glasgow WorldsChampion at All Asians 1997

More on Adjudication Policy:

Great Socials:
AUDC 2009 will offer you the best socials ever in Dhaka and Worlds Longest Beach in Cox’s Bazer. See detail: . all the participating teams and adjudicators will be staying in international five stat hotel though the tournament.

We like to give you the experience of your life time, so what are you waiting for…..come on… and smash your critical desire at EWU AUDC 2009 and have the experience for your lifetime.

Please wait for the next announcement. Visit our official website at
With Regards,
Rashedul Hasan Stalin
CA and Convener,
EWU 5th Asian Universities Debating Championship 2009
Phone: (+88) 04476890001
East West University, Bangladesh

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