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6 December 2008

Dear debaters,
After opening the DCA applications phase for a further two days, we now have a far longer list of potential candidates. I realize that some people have already sent feedback about the earlier list of candidates and want to assure them that they can send another mail if they so wish! Again, thank you to everyone who has already written to me – I am learning a lot and want to make sure that we have the best possible team (on a number of different metrics) for Worlds in 2010.

Muhammad Abdul Latif (Malaysia/Bangladesh)
Sharmilla Parmanand (Philippines)
Mizanur Rahman (Bangladesh)
Suthen "Tate" Thomas (Malaysia)

Europe, Middle East and Africa
Adriaan Adringa (Netherlands)
Susan Connolly (Ireland)
Samir Deger-Sen (England)
Tiernan Fitzgibbon (Ireland)
Will Jones (England)
Eoin Kilkenny (Ireland)
√Ěsabelle Loewe (Germany)
Daniel Schut (Netherlands)

North America
Josh Bone (US)
Ian Freeman (Canada)
Alfred "Tuna" Snider (US)

Christopher Bishop (New Zealand)
Julia Bowes (Australia)
Fiona Prowse (Australia)

You can contact me at with any feedback. I will only accept comments until 12th December 2008 and will announce before Council on 1st January 2008.

For those of you that have Bayram next week, I hope it is enjoyable. For everyone else, be well.

Can Okar
Chief Adjudicator (to be ratified), Vehbi Koc Worlds 2010

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