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5 December 2008

CIMB WUPID ‘08 Central: And Now For Something Far More Important

From the the offical WUPID blog:

An idiot would never know the value of debate because for one, he’s an idiot but most importantly he will never know until he begins to understand that here in the WUPID factory debating is not a tool. It is not a white good. It is not an alternative to weapons or a problem solving mechanism. We do not debate like we read the news or speak at a presidential debate. It’s not a decision made on practicality and it certainly has nothing to do with the environment.

The reason we don’t is that the skill of debating, here, is a status symbol, it is a penis substitute, a cherished member of the family, it is a heart-starter, it is art, sex, it is glamorous, it is cool, it is something you probably don’t need. But, my God, you want one so badly that it hurts. Giving up debating is like giving up an emotion. It’s like giving up love, or happiness. And that’s why people in WUPID factory will sell their children before they’ll sell their capacity to debate.

Working out why this is so does not take much time. It’s because here debating was exciting from the get-go. It was about wit and friendship. It was about glamour and sophistication. Every time you stepped into a debate venue you were only a heartbeat away from hurtling through the Woodstock of Intellects. We’ve always felt — and still do — that debating is a little bit decadent, a little bit Princess Grace. That every single WUPID debater has the soul of Wolfgang von Trips in its carpets.

And now for something far more important - deatils and updates:

Rego Payment

Any kind of payment shall and can be made upon registration (13th December 2008) at the official hotel - Impiana KLCC Hotel and Spa. Info on registration can be read here.

Grand Finals

His Royal Highness Dr. Raja Nazrin Shah will be gracing the event. The dress code for that night is strictly dark lounge suit. Warning: You may be restricted from entry if you do not or refuse to adhere to the dress code.
Please be aware, that the final debate will be broadcasted on Astro Awani (delayed).

Hotel / Accommodation

The official hotel - Impiana Hotel KLCC Hotel and Spa, is opposite the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. It’s a walking distance from the Petronas Twin Towers and along a road call Jalan Pinang. For travel info, click here.

Upon checking in, the hotel will ask each occupant for a deposit of USD75. This deposit will be returned if the minibar is still full and the room does not look like Lucifer’s version of home.

The check-in time is on the 13th of December 2008 at 1300 hours (Malaysian time). However, for the ones who’ll arrive earlier, the hotel will check you in earlier upon availability.


To get your hands on the latest version / update of the schedule, please email me ( with your name and institution.

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