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5 December 2008

Invitation for NSU Debate Festival 2008

From allasiansdebate list

Dear All,
North South University Debate Club (NSUDC) is going to organize its first ever "NSU Debate Festival" from 12th -21st of February 2009. NSU Debate Club being the leading debating institution of Bangladesh is planning to provide a fantastic debating platform for all the Schools and University students of Bangladesh. This tournament will focus on the development and enrichment of debate as a form of communication and intellectual argumentation.
For the first time since its establishment, in addition to the University tournament, NSUDC is going to host a School level Championship as well. We would like to provide the best of debating experience to the most talented young minds of Bangladesh.

3 on 3 Asians Format

NSU Campus, Banani

Training and Workshops
North South University Debate Club will organize a series of debate training and workshops to enhance the debating standards of all the participants. Just to show how serious NSU Debate Club is about debate training and education, we have invited the world renowned debate coach and trainer Mr. Loke Wing Fatt from Singapore to be the official trainer for "NSU Debate Festival". Mr. Loke Wing Fatt is one of the most accomplished and experienced debate coach who has single handedly revolutionized the debate community of China. With more than two decades of experience in running debate workshops, Loke is certainly one of the best. NSU Debate Club believes in nothing less than the best quality training that we can provide and with Loke as the official trainer of the tournament, we will certainly be able to give the best that one can get. NSU Debate Club is proud to be affiliated with Mr. Loke Wing Fatt.

Adjudication Core
When it comes to maintaining the quality of debate tournament, NSUDC has always followed a ZERO tolerance policy. So, trust us, NSUDC will give you the best adjudication core possible. We will announce our Core VERY soon!!!

The website, facebook group and details of the tournament will be posted soon!

North South University Debate Club is one of the most successful debating institutions of Bangladesh since its establishment in 1993. NSU Debate Club has the history of providing the best of debate tournaments in Dhaka. "Inter University Debate Competition (IUDC)", NSU Dialogue, NSU Novice and other annual debate tournaments speaks of the dedication and perfection of NSUDC in organizing mindblowing debating events. NSU Debate Club has also hosted "15th All Asian Inter-Varsity Debating Championship" which consisted around 500 of the most talented debaters from entire Asia. These events clearly portray NSUDC's capability in pulling massive scale debate tournament.

Debaters of Bangladesh, you are all welcome to participate in this magnificent event. We promise you to provide nothing less than the BEST!!!

Thank you.
Sinha Ibna Humayun Member,
NSU Debate Club

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