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23 November 2008

Australian British Parliamentary Debating Championships Results‏

Here are the results of the Australian British Parliamentary Debating Championships held at Sydney University. The tournament consisted of 7 rounds before breaking to semi-finals.

Winning Team: Amit Golder (Monash) and Steve Hind (Sydney)
Best Speaker: Tim Mooney (Sydney) with 583 speaker points.

Grand Finalists:
Tim Mooney & Julia Fetherston (Sydney) - Breaking top of tab on 17 points and 1163 speaks
Seamus Coleman & Phil Barker (Melbourne)
Tom Robertson & Giselle Kenny (Sydney)

Breaking Teams:
Jack Wright (Sydney) & Charlie Ashton (Queensland)
Lauren Humphrey & Alice Heathcote (Queensland)
Dominic Thurbon & Emily Heath (Sydney)
Steph Paton & Naomi Hart (Sydney)

Round One – Religion (Ireland I):
That this house would compel priests to divulge the details of confessionals in criminal trials.

Round Two – Economics:
That this house supports bailing out failing financial icons

Round Three – International Relations:
That this house believes that Iraq has the right to freely prosecute all foreign soldiers for serious crimes committed in their nation.

Round Four – Health
That this house believes that governments should provide a rebate for preventative health care measures.

Round Five – EU (or Ireland II):
That this house believes that EU member states should allow for domestic referendums on all constitutional changes to the EU.

Round Six – Social Policy
That this house would grant the mentally ill and their families the right to refuse medical treatment.

Round Seven – International Relations (II):
That this house believes the West should force South Africa to oust Mugabe.

Semi Final: That this house would allow Bosnia to break up

Grand Final: That this house would allow potential parents to pay women to carry unwanted children to term.

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  1. Anonymous10:35 pm

    The standard of these minis in recent years of finals has gotten to the point it's usually no more than a small step down from what you'd expect at a Worlds final.


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