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23 November 2008

Worlds Council agenda‏

With five weeks to go before WUDC XXIX, I hereby give notice of the agenda for the pre-Council and Council meetings at Cork Worlds. Please note that every country with teams competing at WUDC has the right to speak and vote at these meetings and I would love to see the broadest possible representation and involvement in Council. If you need to contact me before Worlds, please use Otherwise, I look forward to seeing you all in Cork!

Neill Harvey-Smith
Chair, World Universities Debating Council

Agenda for World Council 2009 Cork, Ireland

Preliminary Council Meeting 12.28.2008
Distribution of Meeting Minutes from Council meeting of Worlds 2008
Roll Call
- Delegate Names
- Voting status
Institution review
- N-1 Review
- Speaker Review
4 year rule
- ESL and EFL participants
Distribution of 2011 Bid Materials

Council Meeting 01.01.2009
Roll Call
- Delegate Names
- Voting status

Worlds 2008 Minutes
- Vote to accept minutes

Assumption Report & Accounts
- Assumption Rep to report on Tournament
- Assumption Rep to present final accounts

Cork Report & Accounts
- Cork Rep to report on Tournament
- Cork Rep to present initial accounts

Koc (Worlds 2010) Bid Defence
- Bid Defence Presentation
- Questions from council members
- Vote to Confirm Koc as 2010 hosts

Bids for Worlds 2011
- X & Y present bids (order to be determined by coin toss)
- Questions from Council Members
- Vote on hosts for Worlds 2011

Lunch Break

Discussion on Registration Procedures

Committee Reports
- Chair
- Registrar
- Secretary
- Women’s Officer
- Equity Officer
- Regional Reports

Constitution Review

Other Business

2010 World Executive Committee Elections


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