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24 November 2008

ESU John Smith Memorial Mace - England

The ESU John Smith Memorial English Mace Champions are Oxford LW (Jonathan Leader Maynard and Alex Worsnip) beating teams from ULU A (Neill Harvey Smith and Diarmuid Early), Oxford SL (Kitson Symes and Shengwu Li) and Cambridge A (Jo Box and Giles Robertson).

Teams that reached the semi-final stage included - Birmingham A, Bristol EJ, ULU B and Cambridge B. The top team on the tab was Oxford LW (on speaker points ahead of Birmingham A) and the best speaker on the tab was Jonathan Leader Maynard.
The ESU John Smith Memorial Mace is sponsored by Baillie Gifford, the Edinburgh based investment managers.

Oxford LW will represent England in the International Mace Final which will be held in Edinburgh in late April/early May next year.

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  1. Anonymous6:29 am

    Good to see so much young blood coming up through the ranks (!!!!!!!)

  2. Anonymous9:47 am

    The English Mace is always won by old hands - look at the endless list of Inns winning in the past.

  3. I should say that, I understand, at least, that four of the speakers in the final were undergraduates, and 6 of the beaten semi-finalists were undergraduates.

  4. Anonymous10:07 pm

    great post


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