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1 September 2008

HWS / IDEA Round Robin

The HWS/IDEA Round Robin will be held on April 10 & 11, 2009 in Geneva, New York.
A total of 16 teams will be invited to compete, and there are 16 “automatic bids” (listed below). Those not earning an automatic bid are encouraged to apply for an “at-large bid”. (Applications are due January 31, 2009.)
Our website will be ready shortly.

Asians (2008 winner)
Asian Unity (2008 winner)
Australian BP championship (2008 winner)
Australs (2008 winner)
CUSID BP nationals (2008 winner)
Europeans (2008 winner)
Hart House IV (2008 winner)
International Mace (2008 winner)
Oxford (2008 winner)
Southern African championship (2008 winner)
US UDC (2008 winner)
Worlds (all 4 teams in the 2009 grand final round)
Yale IV (2008 winner)

Posted by Eric Barnes (convenor of the HWS / IDEA RR) with thanks to our advisory committee for their ongoing help: Julia Bowes, Rory Gillis, Neill Harvey-Smith, Jason Jarvis, Ian Lising, Helina Loor, and Justice Motlhabani.

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  1. Anonymous3:36 am

    I don't know anything about the HWS/IDEA round robin, but I'm a bit curious as to how the Australian BP Championship has found its way onto the list.

    The 'Australian BP Championship' is actually a name occasionally given to Sydney mini and not a recognised national championship as such. BP minis in Australia tend to vary in their significance. For example, last year Sydney mini was only the fourth largest BP intervarsity tournament in Australia, behind Melbourne mini, UTS mini and ANU mini.


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