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1 September 2008

World Schools Motions

Just a reminder of the prepared motions for World Schools which starts next weekend.

There are 8 premiminary rounds. 4 motions announced in advance and 4 impromptu. The Octo-finals, Qtr-finals and Semi-finals are all impromptu while the final motion is announced in advance.

Preliminary Rounds
Round 1: That this house supports military intervention to deliver emergency aid in humanitarian crises
Round 3: That this house would ban the use of unethically obtained data in scientific research
Round 5: That this house would make the directors of multinational companies personally liable for environmental abuses committed by their companies in the developing world
ROund 7: That this house believes that governments have a duty to bail out failing financial institutions.

Grand Final
That this house would expand the permanent membership of the UN Security Council

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