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26 June 2008

Euros Qtr Final Draw

Qtr Final 1

  • 1st Gov Oxford C (8)
  • 1st Opp UCD LnH A (9)
  • 2nd Gov Oxford A (1)
  • 2nd Opp TCD Phil B (16)
  • Judges: Daniel McCarthy (Chair), Derek Doyle, Isabelle Loewe, Stuart Anderson, David Middlemiss

Qtr Final 4

  • 1st Gov Leiden A (4)
  • 1st Opp Kings (KCL) A (12)
  • 2nd Gov Helsinki A (13)
  • 2nd Opp UCC Phil A (5)
  • Judges: Greg O'Neill (Chair), Felicity Cook, Neil Dewar, Andrew Marshall, Bob Nimmo

Qtr-Final 2

  • 1st Gov Cambridge B (7)
  • 1st Opp ULU B (10)
  • 2nd Gov UCC Law A (15)
  • 2nd Opp Oxford B (2)
  • Judges: Ali Cormack (Chair), Adriaan Andringa, Andy Hume, Kirsty Russell, David Wheelan

Qtr Final 3

  • 1st Gov UCD Law A (6)
  • 1st Opp UCD Law B (14)
  • 2nd Gov Oxford D (11)
  • 2nd Opp Manchester A (3)
  • Judges: Daniel Schut (Chair), Sam Block, Ewan MacDonald, Tony Murphy, Olga Polunina
Motion: "This House would ban the broadcast of recordings produced by terrorists."

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