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26 June 2008

ESL Qtr Final Draw

ESL Qtr-Final 1

  • 1st Gov Koc A (8)
  • 1st Opp IDC A (16)
  • 2nd Gov Berlin (BDU) B (9)
  • 2nd Opp Leiden A (1)
  • Judges: Jenni Harrison (Chair), Samir Deger-Sen, Diarmuid Early, Mikhail Jevdokimov, Ashleigh Lamming

ESL Qtr-Final 2

  • 1st Gov Tel Aviv A (7)
  • 1st Opp Tilbury D (15)
  • 2nd Gov Warwick A (10)
  • 2nd Opp Bonaparte A (2)
  • Judges: Connie Grieve (Chair), Dan Cotley, Ozgun Dundar, Eoin Kilkenny, Erin O'Brien

ESL Qtr-Final 3

  • 1st Gov Tilbury C (14)
  • 1st Opp Tilbury A (3)
  • 2nd Gov Hertie (HSoG) A (11)
  • 2nd Opp Haifa B (6)
  • Judges: Colletta Smith (Chair), Rob Honig, Derek Lande, Giles Robertson, Alex Ward

ESL Qtr-Final 4

  • 1st Gov BBU A (5)
  • 1st Opp Bonaparte C (4)
  • 2nd Gov Bonaparte B (12)
  • 2nd Opp METU A (13)
  • Judges: Daniel Warents (Chair), Sam Block, Jens Fischer, Anat Gelber, Marite Klavina

Motion: "This House would require all schools to teach safe sex to children from the age or ten regardless of parental consent."

Source: yourgermancorrespondent

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