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27 June 2008

EUDC 2008 ESL Results

Here are the results as they are have just being announced. Apologies for the gaps but the accoustics in the church aren't the best.

ESL Final
Winners : BBU A
Honorary Panel's Best Speaker : Adam Hildebrandt (HSG)

Top 10 ESL Speakers
10. Assen Kochev (Tilbury A)
9. Julien (Bonaparte A)
8. Ali (Bonaparte A)
6. ? (Bonaparte C)
6. Nico Lupea (BBU A)
5. Uri (Tel Aviv A)
4. Ina Sublica (Helsinki A)
3. Simone Van Elk (Leiden A)
2. Anne Valkering (Bonaparte C)
1. Leela Koenig (Leiden A)

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