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27 June 2008

EUDC 2008 Results

Here are the remainder of the results. Apologies again if there are any gaps, once again the accoustics here can be tricky.

Grand Final Results
Winners: Oxford A

Honorary Panel's Best Speaker: Simon Quinn

Top 10 Speakers
10. Ross Maguire (UCD Law A)
9. Jonathan Leader-Maynard (KCL A)
7. Fred Cowell (ULU B)
7. Dan Bradley (Manchester A)
6. Ross Frennet (UCC Phil A)
5. Stephen Boyle (UCD L&H A)
4. Alex Worsnip (Oxford B)
3. William Jones (Oxford A)
1. James Dray (Oxford A)
1. Simon Quinn (Oxford B)

That completes the results from this years European's and thus will probably be my last update.



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