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13 May 2008

Asian unity accepted by All Asians

Alfred Snider is reporting that efforts to reunify the Asian debating tournaments is now back on the agenda. The All Asians Council has voted in favour of a new unity constitution to make it easier for the All Asian and AUDC championships to work together.

After accepting the new constitution MMU have bid to host a "unity" tournament in 2009. This bid was accepted as the 2009 All Asians.

They also plan to bid at AUDC and Australs (what that means for Austral-asians isn't yet clear).

East West University already announced that they would bid to host AUDC in 2009 so it looks like some negotiations will have to happen if the unity bid is to pass the next hurdle. Keio and Monash have already announced bids for Australasians in 2009.


  1. Australs is and always has been a separate tournament. There is no proposal to merge Asians with Australs.

  2. Anonymous10:10 am

    Their proposal includes bidding for Asians, AUDC and Australs. It feels more and more like Aussies aren't welcome at Australs. We must be winning it too often.

  3. I think we should wait and see what their plan is. I'm sure more details will come out in the near future.

  4. Chris, i don't think it's a bid for Asians to be combined with Australs, i think the bid referred is an Asians bid that would be conducted during Australs where delegates from Asia can decide on whether they want a Unified Tournament of not.



  5. Anonymous is wrong. That is not what is proposed. Zharif is right. The reason it will be voted on at Australs is that most Asian universities from both sides of the aisle (so to speak) will be there.


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