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12 March 2008

EWU bid for AUDC 2009

From Australs Mailing list

Dear all,
The Bangladesh AUDC 2009 BID organizing committee would like to declare the BIDING University from Bangladesh for hosting AUDC 2009 as East West University East West University-EWU is one of the Top Ranked Private University in Bangladesh, which established in 1996. Last two years university ranking published by showed EWU as the Top Ranked University in 2007 and Second Ranked in 2008 at the National Private University ranking in Bangladesh.

East West University-EWU endeavors to synthesize eastern culture and values with western thought and innovations. As an institution of higher learning that promotes and inculcates ethical standards, values and norms, East West University (EWU) is committed to the ideals of equal opportunity, transparency, and non-discrimination.

East West University is among that Elite Panel of Universities who actually started the journey of AUDC back in 2005 and from the very beginning of AUDC Exsocom where Mr. Rashedul Hasan Stalin former president EWU Debating Club was elected as the Equity Officer by the AUDC union reps at AUDC 2005.

Apart from that, EWU also participated ITB AUDC 2007 in Indonesia and showed its strong affiliation with Asia’s Flagship University Debating Championship. So we are proud to be affiliated with AUDC from its very first year and to be the first bid from South Asia.

East West University Debating Club has very powerful and strong influence among all over South Asia and World. The EWU Debating Club is the owner of the Award “Best Debating Club Performance and Organizing” by the British Council for the year 2004-2005. Last five years of Strong Organizing shows the strength for hosting the AUDC 2009 for the very first time in South Asian and in Bangladesh.

Debating Organizing Achievements of East West University-EWU
Debating Club of East West University-EWUDC successfully hosted Three Largest National Debating Championship in Bangladesh (2003,2004 and 2007) in last five years. EWU Debate Team is the Champion of four Nationals in last six years. EWU has a strong debating culture in international debating arena as a participant. EWU participated AUDC 2005 and in 2007; WUDC in 2004,2005, 2007 and in 2008.

Experience as a Host:

EWU hosted three National English Universities Debating Championship in last five years:

EWU Bangladesh National Universities English Debating Championships 2007 Participating Teams 78 The largest University Debating Championship in 2007 in Bangladesh

EWU Bangladesh National Universities English Debating Championships 2004 Participating Teams 82 The First Ever BP Debating Championship in Bangladesh Which followed the WUDC all Adjudication and Championship requirements

EWU Bangladesh National Universities English Debating Championships 2003 Participating Teams 62 First Nationals Ever in Bangladesh to host Inter University where total teams reached above 50.

East West University annually organize different debating seminars and workshops that invites International and National debating personalities for debating activities. EWU already hosted the National Schools Debating Training Camp in 2007 for World Schools Debating Championships where top debaters of Bangladesh have been trained to represent their country.

The top Private University of Bangladesh welcomes all for its BID to host AUDC 2009 with its Exclusive Hospitality and Five Star Accommodation, Quality Adjudication, Business Class Transportation, Strong Regional affiliation and stirring Bengali Socials …

More updates will be followed very soon.


Rashedul Hasan Stalin

President, Debating Club of East West University 2003-2004

Chair, Bangladesh Debating Council-BDC


  1. East West University is the Best university in south asia.

  2. I know that, East West University Debating is enough famous in Indonesia, but actually we cannot take a part in it, because we have not enough money to get there, it is quiet far from Lombok- West Nusa Tenggara. how do you get us? thanks for advance.......
    I'm waiting for your answer


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