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14 May 2008

Istanbul 2008

Koç Debate Club – the hosts of EUDC 2007 and the prospective hosts of WUDC 2010 – proudly presents another great debating event this summer: Istanbul 2008!

The first requirement of a good tournament is, of course, quality adjudication. In order to ensure this, Our Chief Adjudicator will be Samir Deger-Sen (2008 Worlds Champion, 2007 Euros Semi-Finalist, 2007 Oxford IV DCA),

We will announce our DCAs later as soon as possible.

Almost as important as – or even maybe more important than – debating in a debate tournament is the fun part: Socials! In order to maximize the fun you can get from Istanbul 2008, we will be providing free alcohol in our amazing parties and legendary Bosphorus cruise as usual. You may always expect some surprises from our socials team that has created miracles in Euros last summer.

With top-quality food from the Koç University Divan Cafeteria and accommodation in the university dorms as in our previous tournaments, Istanbul 2008 will take place between 4 and 7 August 2008. The registration fee for this fantastic tournament with 6 rounds, team cap of 72 teams and 4 different outstanding parties – with free alcohol in each one – will be € 90.

If you have experienced the legendary Euros 2007 and want to experience something similar again; or if you haven’t experienced it and want to see what it is like to be in a top-quality summer tournament; or if you are just curious about what the prospective hosts of Worlds 2010 are preparing for you in their last debating tournament before the Christmas of 2009, you should definitely come to ISTANBUL 2008!!!

You can visit for further information. Registration will be open on May 20.

Cemil Dinmezpınar,

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