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24 April 2008

Durham Open

This year's Durham Open takes place on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th June, just two weeks before Euros.

We are hoping that this competition can act as a chance for last-minute practice before Tallinn.

All teams are now invited to register for the Open. We are not setting a team cap for the moment, HOWEVER if demand is greater than the number ofteams we can accommodate, those requesting registration by email first will be given priority. It's a bit like Euros reg., but less hi-tech.

Registration will be £45 per team, with no charge for judges.

We're not going to insist on n-1, particularly because we're expectingcomposites to enter the Open, but this is also a great opportunity for alljudges going to Euros, so we'd encourage anyone doing so to come along.

We'll be running 5 rounds, breaking to semis.

Timetable and other relevant info. will follow soon.

source: Britishdebate

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