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26 March 2008

Update from Monsah bid for Australs 2009

The Monash Association of Debaters (MAD) is pleased to announce that Jacob Clifton (aka Jake) will be the Chief Adjudicator for their bid for Australs 2009.

Jake brings an enormous amount of experience as a debater and adjudicator, particularly at Australs, where he has achieved the highest honours in debating andadjudicating - Jake was an Australasian Champion and Top-10 speaker at Vic Australs in 2006, and judged the Grand Final at UT Mara Australs in 2007. Within Australia, Jake has judged the Grand Final of the last two National "Easter" Championships. As a BP debater, Jake was a semi-finalist at MMU Worlds in 2005.

Jake also brings a wealth of experience as a debating coach and administrator that will help him in his role as C.A. Jake has been extremely active in the Australasian debating community over the last six years, and has coached in Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea and Japan, and regularly coaches in Hong Kong at their Summer Workshop. Jake was also President of MAD in 2005.
Jake is currently working for a member of the Victorian Parliament, and holds Bachelors degrees in Arts and Law.

Announcements will be made in the near future about the Deputy Chief Adjudicators for the tournament.

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