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26 March 2008

Reminder on AUDC adjudication subsity

Dear all
Further to my email previously, the AUDC Exco now opens application for adjudication subsidy for AUDC 2008. The minimum criteria are as proposed by the Exco:

1) He/she must have been a CA/DCA of AUDC, Asians, Worlds, Australs > or any major local national tournament
2) Was an adjudicator who has:
(a) judged at the semis of AUDC/Asians OR
(b) broken at Australs/Worlds OR
(c) recognized more than once as one of the top 10 adjudicators > at AUDC, Australs, Worlds or any major local national tournament
3) Debaters who have:
(a) major local/international adjudication experience AND
(b) has made it to the finals of AUDC/Asians OR has made it to the main break of Australs/Worlds
Just to clarify that the criteria above applies only to the main category i.e criteria 2(a) means that the adjudicator judged at the semis or AUDC/Asians in the main category.
All you need to do to apply is email your adjudication/debating CV to anyone of the following officers:
Estelle (President) -
Mark (Vice) -
Mohd Sani (Adj Officer) -
It will also be useful if you could also clarify how you meet the minimum criteria.

The application will remain open for the next 10 days i.e until 4th April. After this date, the list of applicants will also be emailed to this yahoo group so that Union members can privately email the exco any comments on the applicants. The exco will then deliberate on all applications and make our recommendations to IIU. The final announcement will be made by Latif, CA for AUDC 2008 which hopefully can be made by mid April.
Adjudication Officer
AUDC Exco 2007/2008

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