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25 March 2008

CEDA Knockouts

Towson CL (Deven Cooper and Dayvon Love) beat Kansas JS (Chris Stone and Nate Johnson) 7-4

Semi Finals:
Teams: Kansas JS beat Dartmouth KO 2-1
Judges: Sarah Holbrook (West Georgia) Gordon Stables (Southern California) Heather Walters (Missouri State)

Teams: Towson CL beat Missouri State OW 3-0
Judges Malcolm Gordon (Missouri-Kansas City) James Davis (Central Oklahoma) Jason Russell (Oklahoma)

Qtr Finals:
Kansas JS beat West Georgia LS 2-1
Towson CL beat Fort Hays hs 2-
1Missouri State OW beat North Texas CE 2-1
Dartmouth KO beat Whitman AS 3-0

Kansas JS beat Michigan State LM 3-0
Towson CL beat Kansas BJ 2-1
Missouri State OW beat Texas-Dallas RS 3-0
Dartmouth KO beat Emory CP 3-0
Whitman AS beat Georgia State GL 2-1
North Texas CE beat Wyoming CJ 3-0
Fort Hays hs beat Atrium Whitman CS 2-1
West Georgia LS beat Dartmouth AH 3-0

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