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5 March 2008

Allen & Overy Prague Debate

Charles University Debate Club is proud and happy to invite you to the Allen & Overy Prague Debate Tournament 2008

The sixth year of this tournament takes place on April 4th – 6th

"Why should I participate?"

Prague. Rather unsurprisingly, the sixth year of Allen & Overy Prague Debate Tournament again takes place in Prague. For those of you who have not been to Prague yet, this is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with one of the most wonderful cities of the world, withits ancient narrow streets and beautiful historic centre on the one hand and vibrant night life on the other.

Debates. In the last few years, we had the opportunity to meet many great debaters from all over Europe and see them prove their skill. This year, however, we expect even more: the team cap has been increased to 40 teams and there will be 5 preliminary rounds followed by semifinals and the grand final. We are certain that we will all enjoy ever more challenging debates. Moreover, this year's Chief Adjudicator is Jens Fischer from neighboring Germany who was the CA of Europeans in 2006.

Beer. What can be better after several deadly debates than to relax in the company of eloquent fellow debaters and exquisite "liquid bread", as Czechs call it? And remember, beer is still under 1 Euro while the number of pubs in Prague is on a steady rise.

Fellowship (of the debate). We are very pleased that over the past several years, a stable community of people has been founded who got acquainted at our tournament and who come and meet every year. We are sure that they will come again this year and therefore it is safe for us to say: Come and meet some great people!

"What do I have to do in order to participate?"
1. Go to and see the details of registration.
2. Check your mail and our webpage,, for more details to come.
3. Come to Prague on April 4th, 2008

"What do I have to know before I come?"
Team cap: As it was mentioned, the team cap is set at 40 teams. Even though we decided to increase the number this year, the increase is final, therefore do not forget to register before the registration deadline, March 28.

Institutional team cap: As there are many institutions that want to send their debaters, we decided to limit the number of teams per institution to 4.

N-1 rule: Each institution that sends more than 1 team has to provide one adjudicator for every team beyond the first.

Registration fee: This year the registration fee is 30 Euros for a debater or 15 Euros for those debaters who do not need accommodation. Please note that while we give you this option, it is primarily intended for the people who live in Prague or have a place there to stay for free. The adjudicators are as usual free from any payment or fee on their part whatsoever.

We are aware that our loyal participants will notice the increase, but we hope you understand that the increased number of teams creates additional expenses. For 30 Euros you will get accommodation for the duration of the tournament, a lunch on Saturday and a special dinner on Saturday.

Dress code: As the final debate takes place in a prestigious venue, we would like to ask you to take a formal dress with you.

Visas and invitation letters: For those who need a visa to visit the Czech Republic, please note that it takes some time and for that reason we recommend registering as soon as possible so that we can help you obtain all necessary documents and papers in time.

We are looking forward to seeing you in April!
On behalf of the Charles University Debate Club
Brano Fecko (Chief Organizer) & Hanka Andrasova (President of the Charles University Debate Club)

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