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6 March 2008

CUSID Style guide

There is a thread on the CUSIDnet forum on the Style guide for the 2008 CUSID nationals written by Morag Townsend. For anyone interested in north american style it gives an interesting insight as it "aims to reflect current practices in Canadian Parliamentary debate". The format differs from Worlds/BP in that it is just two teams wach with two speakers. I judged the masters final at Worlds in Toronto and enjoyed the format but haven't had any exposure to it since.

The headers in the guide are:
  • Basic Style
  • Points of Information
  • Cases
  • Government
  • Opposition
  • Winning
  • Judging Process
  • Scoring Range
I won't post the article to the site at the moment but I will link it and have asked the owner's permission to post it.

In the meantime if you are interested in knowing more about North American CUSID style then visit here

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