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10 December 2007

Updates from WUPID

As you may be aware the CIMB-WUPID starts this week. I'm flying to Malaysia on Thursday so I'm trying to set up a few of the bits and pieces I'll be using to update the blog while there.

Most of my updates will be via my phone. My plan is to use wireless access in the university and hotel to post updates to the site without incurring huge roaming fees. I will e-mail in regular updates which will go directly onto the site.

I can also take photos on the phone which can then be uploaded straight onto flikr. I have put a flikr "button" onto the site where you can preview the photos and from which you can click through to the online album (there are only two photos on it at the moment one is the WUPD logo and the other is one I took on the phone over the weekend).

Also for those interested we will be using tabbie at the tournament so the results should be posted up on shortly after the tournament and I will try to post them once I get home.

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  1. sounds great Colm! instead of huge roaming fees, may I suggest that you get yourself a dirt-cheap prepaid SIM and use or to keep the debate world updated? I'd be glad to help with the setup, just get in touch.


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