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10 December 2007

Melbourne Mini 2007 results

Winners: Tim Jeffrie and Fiona Prowse

Runners-up: Tim Sonnreich and Jake Clifton, Chris Croke and Dom Thurbon, Roland Dillon and Rob Koh.


1) TH would grant asylum to victims of global warming
2) TH would impose a general restraining order on all paparazzi
3) TH would force pregnant women under 16 to give their child up for adoption
4) TH would abolish conscience votes in Parliament
5) TH believes that western democracies should impose diplomatic sanctions on Russia
6) TH would ban homosexual re-education camps

Semis) TH believes that Kyoto Protocol signatories should place a compensatory duty on the imports of non-signatories.

Final) TH would support the use of bounty hunters in law enforcement.

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