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5 November 2007

Website update

The good people at have fixed my log on (thanks guys).

However things have been further complicated by the fact that I am currently in the process of moving house. Internet access has been switched off at our old house in Limerick and has not yet been switched on in the new house in Ardfinnan. Three months after applying I don't even have a connection date which, knowing the track record of eircom (our internet provider) means it will most likely be the new year before it gets set up.

Therefore please ignore the strange old main site at For the moment it is best to go straight to the blog at I will re-upload the newer version of the website to when I have access but I'm not sure when that will be.

Continue to send me (or any of the contributors) updates you would like to see posted to the site. I have e-mail access through my N95 and will post the updates when I get a chance.


update: Now that my log on is fixed I actually might have a plan to update the website without having broadband at home. I'll try to get out to the University of Limerick tomorrow and avail of their wireless internet.

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