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5 November 2007

Update on Tabbie

We've released an "All In One" version of Tabbie 1.3.1 for Windows. It contains an Apache server and MySql, needs no configuration and can be installed simply by unzipping and clicking the icon - which makes installation as simple (or simpler) than most desktop programs.

Tabbie is Tab Software for British Parliamentary Debating Tournaments. It calculates the fairest possible draw for you, based on the official WUDC rules. It has an easy to use Web Interface, allowing input from multiple computers. Tabbie is very stable - it's been around since the NTU Worlds 2004 and is the software of choice for Bangkok Worlds 2008. Tabbie is Free (Open Source) Software.

More info on Tabbie can be found at
Tabbie can be run online (zero installation) at

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