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5 November 2007

NTU Pre-Worlds 2007

Hi all,
NTU is organizing Pre-Worlds 2007. Held on the 22nd and 23rd of December, we aim to provide all with as much practice as possible with six preliminary rounds and break into the semi finals. Singapore, being so close to Thailand, is an ideal location for a practice tournament as teams going for Worlds can stop by Singapore for the tournament and can then travel very cheaply to Thailand from here.

As part of our Adjudication Core, we have on board Ankit Agarwala, ICA of NTU Worlds Bid 2010 as well as Kylie Lane. Kylie is the DCA for Assumptions Worlds 2008 and has many achievements under her belt, including Worlds Best Speaker and Worlds Semi-Final adjudicator. We hope to gain some insight to the philosophy of this year's Worlds by having her on board.
The tab software we are using is the one Assumptions is using. In fact, their team will be down here testing it out themselves, so all who want to familiarize themselves with the new system of feedback in place are encouraged to come down.

We also plan to have a rocking socials on the night of the 22nd where we plan to show you just how fun NTU has become.

For our friends staying across the seas, we are providing you with accommodation at the luxurious Nanyang Executive Centre within campus for S$70 for two nights. For those who require accommodation for their stay before going off to Thailand, we can still provide rooms for you though you would have to pay the actual price. In fact, staying over would also allow you to take the much cheaper flights available from Singapore to Thailand. Deadline for accommodation details are the 17th of November beyond which prices and rooms are not guaranteed.

The team cap we have for Pre-Worlds is 80 with a maximum of 5 per university.

For more information regarding Pre-Worlds, please drop by our site Registration can also be done online. You can contact us at for any other queries.

We look forward to hosting you in NTU for Pre-Worlds '07!

Divya Convener
NTU Pre-Worlds '07 (65) 9673-2964

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