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28 November 2007

Smooth Tournament

Smooth Tournament, a site for online Tabbing using Tabbie, has been extended with overviews and statistics of past tournaments. For participants, this means they can see a overview of the entire tournament - who did you meet in every round, who took which position in round 4, how many speakers points did everyone get and what's the name of that Chair that gave us that undeserved win again?
Take a look for yourself:

For Bangkok Worlds, we'll be hosting the results of the preliminaries as soon as the embargo is lifted ( i.e. right after all the prizes have been handed out). We expect to offer results for previous year's Vancouver Worlds in a couple of weeks as well.

Depending on the approval of the CA's (per tournament) we also want to disclose the "Motion Fairness" of various tournaments, per motion (Motion Fairness reflects the amounts of times the different positions in a debate take firsts/seconds/thirds/fourths. (In fact, many 'unfair motions' turn out to be pretty balanced after inspection of statistics)

The main site for Smooth Tournament can be found at

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