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26 November 2007

Sydney Mini 2007 Results

The Australian British Parliamentary Debating Championships ("Sydney Mini") has just concluded at the University of Sydney.

Winners: Melbourne/Monash (Amit Golder and Elizabeth Sheargold)

Runners-up: Sydney 1 (Chris Croke and Dom Thurbon), Sydney 4 (James Simonian and Bronwyn Cowell), Sydney Old-Hacks (Sam Greenland and Paul Barnsley)

Best Speaker: Bronwyn Cowell


1. TH supports an immediate transition to democracy in Pakistan
2. TH would restrict access of the poor to credit
3. TH would end all aid and trade to Palestine and Israel until a peace deal is signed
4. TH would place a cap on the spending promises of candidates during election campaigns
5. TH would make Turkish recognition of the Armenian genocide a precondition of its entry to the EU
6. TH would not send people convicted of infanticide to prison
Semis: TH would destroy the data gained from all unethically conducted research
Final: TH would decriminalise incest.

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