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28 November 2007

Agenda for World Council 2008

Agenda for World Council 2008

Preliminary Council Meeting 12.28.2007

  • Distribution of Meeting Minutes from Council meeting of Worlds 2007
  • Roll Call
    Delegate Names
    Voting status
  • Institution review
    N-1 Review
  • Speaker Review
    4 year rule
    ESL participants
    EFL participants
  • Distribution of 2010 Bid Materials


Council Meeting 01.01.2008

  • Roll Call
    Delegate Names
    Voting status

  • Worlds 2007 Minutes
    Vote to accept minutes

  • UBC Report & Accounts
    UBC Rep to report on Tournament
    UBC Rep to present final accounts

  • Assumption Report & Accounts
    Assumption Rep to report on Tournament
    Assumption Rep to present initial accounts

  • Worlds 2009 Bid Defense
    Bid Defense Presentation
    Questions from council members
    Vote to Confirm UCC as 2009 hosts

  • Bids for Worlds 2010
    Botswana, NTU, and KoƧ present bids (order to be determined by random draw)
    Questions from Council Members
    Vote on hosts for Worlds 2010

  • Order of Distinction/World Council Member Emeritus

  • Lunch Break

  • Constitution Review
    Eligibility Requirements
    Regional Representation

  • Committee Reports
    Women’s Officer
    Equity Officer
    Regional Reports

  • Other Business

  • 2009 World Executive Committee Elections

  • END

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