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8 August 2007

EUDC 2007: ESL QF Draw & motion

Koc European Debating Championships ESL Quater Finals

Motion: "This House would distribute development aid through religious organizations rather than the state."

QF 1
1G Tartu B
1O Erasmus C
2O Tilbury House White
Judges: Ciaran Lawlor, Alanna Landers, Domagoj Baric, Luka Keller, Manolis Polychronides

QF 2
1G Tel Aviv B
1O HSoG Berlin
2G Erasmus A
2O Hebrew A
Judges: Debbie Newman, Ewan McDonald, Eyal Oron, Rose Grogan, Simone van Elk

QF 3
1G Bonaparte A
1O Leiden A
2G Comenius 1
2O Leiden B
Judges: Jens Fischer, Anat Gelber, Alistair Cormack, Danny Gleeson, Kirsty Russell

QF 4
1G Tilbury House Blue
1O Ljubljana Law A
2G Tilbury House Red
2O Tallinn Red
Judges: Jamie Furniss, Alex Ward, Alex Wright, Deirdre Milner, Luke Harris


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