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8 August 2007

EUDC 2007: Quater Finals and Motion

Motion: "This House would forcibly settle the Roma."

1Gov Oxford A
1Opp KCL A
2Gov UCC Phil B
2Opp Cambridge A
Judges: Isabelle Loewe, Eoin Kilkenny, Jenni Harrison, Mert Onen, Uri Zakai

QF 2
1Gov UCD L&H A
1Opp Oxford C
2Gov UCD L&H B
2Opp Cambridge B
Judges: Andrew Fitch, Neil Harvey-Smith, Özlem Unal, Tony Murphy, Victor Chernov

QF 3
1Gov St. Andrews A
1Opp UCC Phil C
2Gov Oxford D
2Opp UCC Phil A
Judges: Daniel Schut, Can Okar, Kate Stegemann, Rhydian Morgan, Shane Cranley

QF 4
1Gov Durham B
1Opp Oxford B
2Gov UCC Law B
2Opp UCC Law A
Judges: Jessica Harvey-Smith, Jason Vit, Klaas van Schelven, Ruvi Ziegler, Will Jones


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