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8 August 2007

The ESL Break

The Koc EUDC ESL 2007 break is

1. Tilbury House White (14pts)
2. Erasmus A (13pts)
3. Leiden A (13pts)
4. Tilbury House Blue (13pts)
5. Tallin Red (13pts)
6. Leiden B (13pts)
7. Tel Aviv B (13pts)
8. Tartu B (13pts)
9. Erasmus C (13pts)
10. HSoG Berlin (12pts)
11. Bonaparte A (12pts)
12. Ljubljana Law A (12pts)
13. Tilbury House Red (12pts)
14. Comenius 1 (12pts)
15. Hebrew A (11pts)
16. IDC A (11pts)

Note: 14. Haifa A (12pts) - didn't break because one of them missed a round.


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