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26 July 2007

WUDC 2008 updates

Dear All,
Please check the Assumption Worlds 2008 website at for very important updates regarding registration and team cap increases. Our registration system will lock down on September 1. September 5, we will announce if we will increase the team cap. From September 1st till September 4th, the registration system will lock down so no new teams will be able to register between those dates. So please make sure you register before August 31st and please pay by that date. The teams that have registered before August 31st will be able to edit their information. But they must confirm all payments by August 31st. We must receive all payments by August 31st.

From September 1st till September 4th, we will calculate and confirm how many teams have paid. We will not accept any payments during this period. Based on the number of slots left, we will increase the team cap and open registration again on September 5th. The team cap increase is expected to increase to 5. After September 5, the registration will be first come first serve basis. When we increase the team cap, the registration module will give you the option to add the extra teams and the details.

You can view all your payment information by logging into your account and clicking on the PAYMENT link. Our team here will be updating the payment information regularly. You can even scan your invoices and submit on our website by logging in. Our system will create a folder in our database in your institutions name and store your invoice in it.

As of July 26 we have 317 teams registered from 136 institutions.

We will be updating the website regularly. Please register by your INSTITUTION NAME.

Tarique Shakil
Tournament Director
WUDC 2008

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