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21 March 2007

Middle Temple IV results

Middle Temple IV Results:
The finalists were Barefoot in Burger King (Doug Cochran and Patrick Rooney), Inner Temple A (Shannon Eastwood and Rob Morris), Danny Riley ig Great A (Matt Sinclair and Danny Riley), and Ed and Toby (Ed McRandal and Toby Eley). The final was won from 2nd Opp by Ed and Toby, with Ed as the best speaker in the final. The top team on the tab was Barefoot in Burger King, and the best speaker on the tab was Patrick Rooney.

The motions were as follows:
R1: THW allocate council housing based on religious quotas
R2: THW prosecute those who purchase conflict diamonds
R3: THW grant automatic equal custody to both parents, irrespective of the child's wishes
R4: THBT the state should provide free life insurance for working parents on low incomes
SF: THW abolish state support and special privileges for civil aviation.
F: THW abolish the International Criminal Court.

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