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16 March 2007

BDC Pre World Schools Debating Championships Bangladesh 2007 Results and Motions

Results of BDC Pre Worlds

Winner: International School Dhaka-ISD (Shabab Mirza,Shafkat Manir,V. Atawar)Runner up: Manarat International School (Sohara Mehhroz,Mehdi Bin Samad,Hasanul Kaiser)Best Speaker Final: Shabab Mirza-ISD

Motions for BDC Final Selection:

Motion 1. This House believes that celebrity’s adoption of children is inexcusable.
Motion 2. This House believes that progressive taxation does not bring equity.
Motion 3. This House would allow coaches to employ verbal abuse as a performance booster.
Motion 4. This House supports 'RNA interference' in Medicine and Medical applications.
Motion 5. This House would go to a deep sleep.

Motions for BDC Pre Worlds 2007:

Round 1: This House would set free all the captives of Guantanamo Bay.
Round 2: This House believes that DaVinci Code cannot be justified.
Round 3: This House believes that medicine should be available without prescription.
Round 4: This House believes that Corporal punishment should be means for discipline in school.
Round 5: This House supports renewed determination towards the total elimination of nuclear weapons.
Round 6: This House believes that UFO exists.
Quarter Final: This House believes that the environmental movement has failed to make real progress.
Semi Final: This House supports theory of Corporate Social Responsibility.
Grand Final: This House would enforce a Ministerial Code of Ethics.

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