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21 March 2007

Tallinn IV on Line

I'm a little late posting this event as it is already underway and I only saw the mail tonight. Anyway better late than never.

March 20th @ 15:00 GMT+2ONLINE DEBATE WORKSHOP: Strategic motion analyses for winning from 1st prop+ ONLINE PRACTICE DEBATE debating workshop in English by Gabriel Mastico (Helsinki University)MM 2007 semi-finalist, LSE Open 2007 Finalist, Oxford IV 2006 quarter-finalist CLICK HERE TO PARTICIPATE!

Tallinn IV is taking debating a step further by introducing Internet broadcasts of public debates and providing interactive online workshops given by some of the most established debaters in the scene. In addition to several experts debating, you'll get to listen to lectures and feedback to virtual debates from:

Who? Gabriel Mastico (WUDC 2007 octo-finalist) When? March 20th @ 13:00 GMTWhat? Strategic motion analyses for winning from 1st prop.

Who? Alexander Blenkinsopp (WUDC 2007 semi-finalist)When? March 21st @ 13:00 GMT;What? Winning summary speeches

Who? Jens Fischer (Euros 2006 DCA)When? March 22nd @ 13:00 GMTWhat? Dirty Tricks and how (not) to use them

What? Public Debate - Estonian Integration Policy - Cultural Mosaic or Melting Pot?When? March 21st @ 16:00 GMT Who? Paul-Eerik Rummo (Estonian Minister of Population, Reform Party) versus Andres Herkel (Union of Pro Patria and Res Publica)

What? Tallinn IV 2007 Grand Final When? March 24th @ 16:00 GMT Who? Teams advancing to the finals from Tallinn IV 2007

To tune in, you need to follow these easy steps:

STEP 1: Sit behind a decent computer with a broadband connection (wifi tends to lag) and a headset;

STEP 2: Download this nifty piece of free software called Skype that enables you to talk online free of charge;

STEP 3: Check back to here when the broadcasts take place;

STEP 4: Log on to Skype and click a button at the top of this site that will direct you to the interactive debating workshop or public debate.

It's that simple!

Do you want to let your debating friends know of this great opportunity to hone their debating skills online? And hit another bird with the same stone by winning a FREE weekend in Tallinn? Click here to do so!

Stay tuned!
Check out our blog during the event for more information

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