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3 November 2006

Update from UBC

On behalf of the UBC Worlds 2007 organizing committee I am happy to announce that we have now reached our cap for competing teams at the tournament. As a result, we are no longer accepting registration requests for teams at the tournament at this time. If you would like to compete at worlds and have not already registered, you may e-mail our finance director Kaylan Nelson at Nelson.Kaylan(at) and she will add you to our waiting list. The following are some very important reminders for all those coming to worlds:

1) Registration FOR JUDGES AND OBSERVERS is still OPEN. There is no cap for adjudicators, so please sign up.

2) For those in violation of the N-1 RULE, you need to find judges to bring your institutions into compliance. We will be mailing out schools in violation of this policy individual reminders, but in the meantime if you can count the number of teams you have, and then count the number of adjudicators you have... if the difference in those numbers is greater than 1, you are in violation of the rule. If you can not find adjudicators to fill your required spots, e-mail me immediately at Adjudication(at) and I will see if I can put you in touch with an independent adjudicator who is looking to make a deal with a team for full or partial funding, or perhaps just for free beer.

3) For those who have NOT SUBMITTED FULL AND FINAL PAYMENT you are officially past the clearly marked deadlines on the registration page for submission of full and final payment. Those payments are now due. In accordance with the registration policies the deposits you have made are non-refundable at this point. We are giving you until the close of business on November 10th 2006 PST, to either submit full and final payment, or work out other arrangements with our registration and finance personnel, who can be reached at and at Nelson.Kaylan(at) (Kaylan's worlds e-mail is experiencing difficulties at the moment and pending further testing, it is easier to reach her at her gmail account). If you do not submit full and final payment, or work out alternate arrangements by the deadline, your spots in the tournament will become available to people on the waiting lists and your deposits will not be refunded.

4) Information on participants is now due. Please submit to Maritza at an e-mail confirming the names and required personal information of your institutions attendee's if you have not already done so. Failure to do so in a timely fashion may compromise your roommate assignments at the hotel.

5) Please understand that Maritza is receiving an unbelievable volume of e-mail at this time and cannot possibly respond to every request instantaneously. If your payment has been sent and you want to see if it has been processed... the best place to check is with your bank. Please check with Maritza only if you have cause for concern. Rest assured that while there may be some routine errors in international transfers of funds, you will not be prejudiced for an error that is not your fault. If you sent us the money and have a receipt to that effect, we will have received it and if for any reason we did not, we will work with you to get to the bottom of the issue.

6) In the coming week, we will be publishing on the website a list of all institutions registered, with the number of teams, adjudicators, and observers that they have registered. Please check that list for your institution to make sure that it is accurate. If you notice any inconsistencies in that list, please e-mail Maritza immediately to have the changes made.

We look forward to seeing you in Vancouver,

Kevin Massie
Chief Adjudicator
UBC Worlds 2007

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  1. Anonymous10:12 am

    So are they still putting up the list of teams?


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