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30 October 2006

Philippine Nationals Results

University of the Philippines Diliman A (Nicolo Cabrera and Claudia Poon) CG

Grand Finalists:
Ateneo de Davao University A (Christopher Dicdiquin and Andrew Macufo) OG
University of the Philippines Manila F (Adrian Rabe and Robin Lucas) OO
Ateneo de Manila University A (Glenn Tuazon and Sharmila Parmanand) CO

Best Speaker of the Tournament (Tied):
Claudia Poon (UPD A) and Sharmila Parmanand (ADMU A)

Best Speaker of the Grand Finals:
Nicolo Cabrera (UPD A)

Rd. 1: TH celebrates bigotry's place in mass media.
Rd. 2: THW ban First World dumping of hazardous materials in the Third World.
Rd. 3: TH regrets Jose Rizal's pride of place in the Filipino consciousness.
Rd. 4: TH regrets the role of bilateral aid agencies in Philippine development.
Rd. 5: THBT religiously-affiliated organizations should be covered by homosexual anti-discrimination laws.
Rd. 6: THW tie development aid to the establishment of microcredit programs.
Rd. 7: TH would mandate permanent peacekeeping forces for international humanitarian aid organizations which operate in conflict zones.
Octos: THW celebrate the wearing of Muslim veils by immigrants in Western societies.
Quarters: THBT international sporting bodies should sanction athletes who use official sporting events to make controversial political statements.
Semis: THBT sadomasochistic sex is a tool of patriarchy.
Finals: THBT lobbying the EU to sanction the Philippines for extra-judicial killings is in the best interest of Filipino activists.

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  1. just a correction, ADDU A was OO and UP manila F was OG



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