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3 November 2006

German language Debate

Dear Debaters!

Streitkultur e.V. is organising an international tournament for university students in Tübingen in May 2007. The event will consist of a mixture of debating, short lectures by university experts abouts topics related to the European Union and international politics and a number of social events and excursions. We want to add to the plurality of international debating and offer the oportunity to come together in a language other than english - or in other words: The tournament will be held in german language and we warmly invite students from all over the world who want to exercise or improve their german skills. You have to be neither an expert in debating nor in german to join us! The applied parliamentary debate style (OPD) will be introduced in a short workshop before the tournament and we will have a seperate final for students with german as a foreign language.

Please find all the details about the event in a pdf-document behind this link:
Some aspects in brief:

- Tournaments / lectures / socials / excursions from May 24. - 28. 2007 with optional excursions 29. and 30.
- The registration FEE is ZERO for the first team of each country!
- Registration for international participants is OPEN from NOW on !
- We expect to welcome between 100 and 150 international and german students
- There will be lots of socials, FREE DRINKS, events etc. apart from a FULL TOURNAMENT

Are you a uni-students, know some conversational german and feel like meeting lots of interesting people in one of the most beautiful german cities? Then join us for the INTERNATIONALES STREITKULTUR SYMPOSIUM 2007!

Please feel free to pass this mail around to people who you think might be interested in the event or other mailing lists!

Looking forward to seeing you in Tübingen


Michael Hoppmann
CA ISS 2007

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