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3 November 2006

News from the Bangladesh Debating Council-BDC

News from the Bangladesh Debating Council-BDC

News: 1

"BDC-Bangladesh National Debating Rankings 2006"

Bangladesh National Debating Rankings has been Created and Published by Bangladesh Debating Council-BDC. BDC is the National Debating Organization for English debate In Bangladesh. For more please visit the official website of Bangladesh Debating Council-BDC official website at:

University Debating Ranking - English
1. Independent University Bangladesh
2. Institute of Business Administration-IBA
3. East West University
4. Islamic University of Technology
5. North South University

University Debating Ranking - Bangla
1. University of Dhaka
2. East West University
3. Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
4. North South University
5. Islamic University of Technology

Best Championship Host - University
1. Institute of Business Administration-IBA
2. Asian University of Bangladesh
3. United International University
4. Agriculture University Dhaka
5. University of Dhaka

School and College Debating Ranking - English
1. Manarat International School
2. Mastermind Dhaka
3. Mapelife International School
4. Notre Dame College
5. Sunbeams International

Best Championship Host – School and College
1. International School Dhaka
2. Viqarunnisa Noon School and College
3. Notre Dame College
4. Agakhan International School
5. Mastermind Dhaka

The Juries for this National Debating Ranking were:
Rashedul Hasan Stalin, Mehedi Hassan Tamim, Mohammed Saddam Hossain, Azim Ahmed , Mahbub Manik , Nawrin Sultana, M M Ashiquar Rahmam, Tanbhir Ahmed Haroon, Nahid Nawaz, Alam Ishraq Chowdrury and Mabroor Wassey.

News: 2
"Bangladesh Debating Council -BDC's 4000 Free Debating Motions Bank"

Bangladesh Debating Council-BDC has opend the First debating website in Bangladesh for promoting Bangladesh English debate across the World. BDC now has one of the largest free debating motions bank for global debating challenges. This motions bank is collected and created by Rashedul Hasan Stalin.

1.1100 Subject Area Motions
2. 500 Factual Motions
3. 600 Off Beat Motions
4. 500 General Area Motions
5. 500 Philosophical Motions
6. 500 University Debating Motions
7. 300 Special Debating Motions for Schools

To get this free Debating Motions please visit:

Bangladesh Debating Council-BDC would like to invite all off you to share this big information bank which will enhance the debating knowledge in every levels of participation.

News Ends.

Rashedul Hasan Stalin
Chair, Bangladesh Debating Council-BDC

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