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6 November 2005

Durham IV Results

Winners: Bates College A (Ryan Creighton & Michael Neville-O'Neill)

Best Speaker on tab was spilt between John Stewart and Ryan Creighton

The Final:

1st Prop: Bates College A (Ryan Creighton & Michael Neville-O'Neill)

1st Opp: St Andrews A (John Stewart & Jason Vit)

2nd Prop: Bristol (Ed McRandal & Toby Eley)

2nd Opp: Middle Temple (Jax Renton & Fred Cowell)

The Final Panel: Bob Nimmo, Erin O’Brien, Alex Deane, Sani Mohd-Ismail, Colletta Smith

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  1. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Bates were brilliant! They had 1st prop on the debate "THB MP's shouldn't be allowed other paid work". They were beaten the previous day at newcastle's IV by tom from durham in the final.


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