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2 November 2005

DCA for WUDC 2007

e-mail from Kevin Massie - On behalf of the UBC Org Comm

Hello All,

On behalf of the UBC Worlds 2007 Org Comm, I would like to thank all those who applied for a spot as a DCA for WUDC 2007. Applications are now closed and we are pleased to open the consultation process.

The consultation process will last only for 2 weeks, so please let us know as soon as possible if you have any serious concerns about a candidate so that we can make sure to get to the bottom of any issues. Please send any comments, concerns or questions to We will not accept anonymous submissions, but will respect the confidentiality of all responses. We ask all members of the World Debating Community to please refrain from discussing publicly the candidacy of any of our applicants.

In a couple of weeks the Adjudication Committee will meet to discuss the feedback and will select our DCA's. We will make our announcement sometime in the third week of November.

The Applicants, in no particular order are:

Kylie Lane
Tim Sonnreich
Nick Sloboda
Sarfaraz Ahmed
Derek Lande
Kevin Moar
Rajesh Krishnan
Jado Rafael Addon Bognad
Ruvi Zeigler
Alex Deane
Ivan Ah Sam
Alex Ward

We look forward to receiving your responses.


Kevin Massie - On behalf of the UBC Org Comm

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