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6 November 2005

UCD IV: 2005 Vice-Presidents Cup

Winners: Kings Inn (Morgan Shelley & Barry Glynn)

UCC Philosoph (Diarmuid Early & Tony Murphy)
Trinity Hist (David Boughton & Chris Kissane)
Trinity Hist (Hanna Murphy & Rachel ?)

Rd 1: TTHWS the imposition by the legislature of a ten year mandatory minimum sentence for sex crimes
Rd 2: TTHW exempt developing countries from international laws on intellectual property.
Rd 3: TTHB Israel should preemtively strike iran.
Rd 4: TTHW give social welfare in the form of vouchers.
Rd 5: TTHW ban hunting.
Semi: TTHW not allow David Irving speak on campus.
Final: TTHW take clinically obese children into care

Note: Apologies to the UCD organising committee. I promised I would judge at the IV but on Saturday morning another commitment arose.

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