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27 February 2012

MMU UADC-FAQ: Granting of team slots and payment of pre-registration‏

Hi all,

We've compiled a list of questions that we’ve received with regards to pre-registration and registration and here are our answers to them.

Q: Is the registration list published anywhere?
A: It’s available here <>.

Q: How were the slots granted to teams, adjudicators and observers?
A: To balance diversity and reward initiative to register early, we used a system of granting two teams to every institution that requested two or more teams and the number requested to those that did not. This was done on a first-come, first-served basis. Even with this policy, several institutions are on the wait-list and have not been allocated any team slots.

The decision to grant two slots per institution was on the basis of the tournament growing in size and the massive expression of interest that we received during pre-registration: over 241 team slots were requested, we’ve granted 121 (excluding the two teams from the host). This is in line with trends that we’ve seen at both the AustralAsian Intervarsity Debating Championships and the World University Debating Championships.

For the adjudicator slots, we allocated only as many as were necessary to meet the N-rule. However, in the case that an institution registered more adjudicators than were required to meet the N-rule we granted them those additional slots. For example, if Institution X registered for 4 teams and 6 adjudicators, they would be granted 2 team and 4 adjudicator slots.

For observers, we granted as many slots as were requested.

Q: Does being granted slots mean I’m guaranteed a place at the UADC?
A: No, it does not.

Those slots will be held for you till March 14th. However, if your institution fails to pay the pre-registration payment of MYR400 per debater or adjudicator and MYR600 before that date, we will release whatever slots that are not paid for in full. Please bear in mind that to pay for a team slot, you will have to pay pre-registration for the 3 debaters and 1 adjudicator i.e. MYR 1200.

Paying the pre-registration payment will hold your slot for you till April 14th by which time you should pay for all your participants in full. Failure to pay registration fees in full by April 14th could either result in the application of the late registration penalty or your unpaid slot being passed on to other institutions.

Q: If my institution hasn’t been granted a team slot (i.e. we are on the waiting list), what should we do?
A: Don’t panic. You still might have an opportunity to get a slot. If institutions that have been granted slots fail to pay their pre-registration sufficiently to hold those slots before the stipulated date of 14th March, we will release the slots and grant them to institutions on the wait list. We will do this on a basis of 1 team (and adjudicator) at a time, moving down a time-sorted list. If you’re on the waiting list, you should be ready to pay pre-registration as soon as possible after you’re informed that you’ve been granted a slot.

Please note that if your institution registered after midnight February 18th, you will not be eligible for a slot under this wait list process. Institutions in this category will be granted slots after all other requests have been exhausted.

Q: My institution requested more than 2 team slots, is there any chance of me getting the additional teams?
A: Yes, there is, but it is contingent upon two factors. First, there will need to be a sufficient number of requested slots that are not paid for before the March 14th deadline such that we can allocate those to
institutions on the wait list. Second, anything left over, will be allocated (one team at a time on a first-come, first-served basis) to institutions that have requested more than 2 teams slots. The further down your institution is on the registration list, the less likely you are to get the additional slots.

Q: If I’m granted slots later, will I need to pay the late registration penalty?
A: The late registration penalty will only apply to institutions that have been allocated slots before March 14th and still have not paid for in full (i.e. MYR 1000 per participant) for them. This is only applicable if we
have chosen to continue to grant your institution those slots; given the demand for slots at the tournament, the more likely outcome is that we will allocate those slots to other institutions.

Q: Can we get an extension on the payment deadlines?
A: All requests for extensions should be communicated directly to the Registration Director at Please bear in mind that we will be restrictive in granting extensions due to tournament financial considerations.

If you have any further questions, please direct them to

We’re looking forward to seeing you all in May.

Arisha "Alexx" Arifin*
MMU UADC 2012**

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