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25 February 2012

Draw for Quater Finals of the Irish Mace

The draw for the Quarter Finals of the Irish Mace:

Quarter Final 1:
Sunday 5th March, UCC, 2pm
Motion: 'THBT the NAACP should publicly condemn Chris Brown'
1st Prop: UCC Philosoph (Becky West & Davy Jones)
1st Opp: TCD Hist (John Doody & Liam O’Neill)
2nd Prop: UL DebU (Stephen Egan & David Hartery)

Quarter Final 2:
Monday 12th March, Dublin (place TBC), 7pm
Motion: THW ban “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding”
1st Prop: TCD Hist (John Engle & Adam Noonan)
1st Opp: TCD Hist (Lorcan Cullen & Chris Rooke)
2nd Prop: TCD Phil (Ricky McCormack & Fletch Williams)
2nd Opp: UCD L&H (Sarah Taaffe-Maguire & Cormac Duffy)

Quarter Final 3:
Monday 12th March, Dublin (place TBC), 7pm
Motion: TTHW abolish the two categories for Best Actor/Actress and Best Supporting Actor/Actress at the Academy Awards and award only gender neutral Oscars for Best Acting and Best Supporting Acting
1st Prop: UCD L&H (Ciaran Garrett & Michael O’Dwyer)
1st Opp: TCD Hist (Ciaran Parkin & Kate Oliver)
2nd Prop: UL Deb U (Lorna Bogue & Michelle Coyle)
2nd Opp: NUIG (Shane Gavin & Ruth Cormican)

Quarter Final 4:
Tuesday 13th March, Dublin (place TBC), 7pm
Motion: TTHBT notable LGB figures should not describe their sexuality as a choice
1st Prop: TCD Phil (Derwin Brennan & Orflaith Sheehy)
1st Opp: Kings Inns (Aine Hartigan & Liam O’Connell)
2nd Prop: UCD L&H (Christine Simpson & Mark Haughton)
2nd Opp:DCU (Ceile Varley & David Gormley)

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