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20 November 2011

Monash wins the Victoria IV

Monash University has won the Victoria IV (New Zealand British Parliamentary Debating Champs) held in Wellington from November 18-20, defeating two teams from Victoria University and Auckland University in the Grand Final.

Chief Adjudicators: Christopher Bishop & Tim Mooney

Winners: Monash (Amit Golder & Kiran Iyer)

Runners-Up: Victoria University (Richard D'Ath & Seb Templeton), Auckland University (Josh Baxter & Nupur Upadhyay), Victoria University (Udayan Mukherjee & Ella Edginton).

Semi-finalists: Composite (Kieran Bunn & Aric Shakur), Auckland University (Steph Thompson & Ben Milsom), UNSWA (David Ong & Matthew Cobb Clark), Veterans (Joe Connell & Kevin Moar)

Top 10 speakers:
1. Amit Golder (Monash) 511
2. Richard D'Ath (Victoria) 498
3. Ella Edginton (Victoria) 492
4= Kiran Iyer (Monash) 488
4= Akif Mallick (Auckland) 488
4= Kevin Moar 488
4= Joe Connell 488
8= Stephanie Thompson (Auckland) 487
8=Udayan Mukherjee (Victoria) 487
10= Matthew Cobb Clark (UNSW A) 482
10= Ben Milsom (Auckland) 482
10= Polly Higbee 482
10= Seb Templeton (Victoria) 482

1. This House would ban child beauty pageants
2. This House believes Israel should unilaterally preemptively strike Iran
3. This House believes that individuals should be required by governments to invest a defined portion of their salary for their retirement
4. This House would forcibly remove the homeless from the streets and place them in mental institutions or rehabilitation
5. This House would consign the European Union to the dustbin of history
6. This house supports comprehensive parental leave paid for by employers
Semi: This House would camp out in solidarity with the "Occupy" protestors
Final: This House believes newly democratised Arab nations should not allow religious parties to run for office

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